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Discover  how  to build a stronger, leaner, more vibrant body regardless of your age.
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What You Will Find Inside This Free Guide:
  • The Three Foundations Of Health - How simple changes to these key areas of your life are the secret to sustainable results.
  • Nutrition That Works - Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated or overly restrictive. Learn ways to make healthy nutrition fit into YOUR life.
  • Stress Strategies - The world is stressful and full of responsibility. There are still ways you can destress while making time for your health.
  • Exercise For Results - Effective and efficient exercise doesn't have to take hours every day. Lean the best exercises for  efficient results.
  • Workout Videos - Follow along workouts to help you get started right away even if you are a beginner.
  • Recipes - Delicious, healthy recipes that will satisfy AND help you drop the pounds!
  • ​Workout Schedule & Meal Plan - Knowing what to do is only part of the solution. Putting together a consistent plan is the part most people miss. We'll show you how!

Hi! I'm Brad Dienstbier..
and I empower people over 50 to tone up and get strong without pain or injury so they can be their best.

We integrate high efficiency workouts, simple, sustainable nutrition and individual attention to customize the most effective program for each client based on their personal goals. 

The beauty of our program is that it allows for maximized results with a very efficient workout. Add proper nutrition to the mix, and you’re set for success.

Download and enjoy! 
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